About The Web Design Shed

We here at The Web Design shed are a team of skilled web designers  and technology enthusiasts who create clean, functional, customised sites for small and medium sized businesses throughout Ireland. We try to keep as up-to-date as possible with the rapid changes in technology and website design best practices.

We offer a number of services:

Website creation: We create custom websites specifically designed for each business, be it sole trader, small or larger business sites.

SEO: Need to increase your websites Google search ranking? Using our expertise and experience in search engine optimisation we can increase your websites ranking in Google search results.

Social Media: We can get you set up on different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and others, increasing your online presence.


Every website we create will be designed specifically for each client. We use modern site designs including easy-to-use navigation, high definition imagery throughout and best practice coding so the sites can be viewed at their highest quality across all browsers.

Search Engine Optimisation

A strong SEO strategy will maximise your chances of getting to the top of Google and other internet search providers organic search results pages. This can lead to an increase in sales as well as increasing your website’s visibility.

Social Media Presence

Along with increasing the ranking of your website on Internet search engine results pages, having a strong social media presence also extends your reach to potential customers who may never have known about your business. Nowadays having a Facebook business page or a twitter account so you can interact with customers is almost a requirement.

Our Clients